California Jam is the brainchild of Billy DeMoss, aka Billy D. Now in its 7th year, California Jam is considered the fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet. Set in the stunning Segerestrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa California, this 5-Star venue sets the tone for the ultimate crème-de-la-crème chiropractic experience. With a heavy dose of hardcore chiropractic philosophy, delivered by some of the greatest chiropractic speakers in the world, Cal Jam sets itself apart with its rock n’ roll party like atmosphere, where over 2,000 highly motivated chiropractors, CAs and students come away ready to move the profession forward.This 3-day event will load you up with over 19-hours of CE credits provided by the world’s greatest speakers in chiropractic and nutrition. And once you’ve worked hard, it’s time to play hard as we party the night away with Billy D as he brings the rock n’ roll edge to the greatest music festival in chiropractic!